• Neil Ritchie

The Bedroom - Part 2

Trainers, always a big part of the 80's. I still have a pair of Adidas Samba's. As for the Dunlop Greenflash well that was an 'era' thing, purchased annually around July (For some reason) every year from Madleys Sports up New Street i think. As for the Desktop, Sinclair Spectrum was the name of the game. In fact you could get kit version or ready built. I was too idle and got the made version. Its amazing what you could code in 1K of memory. The 16K add-on almost killed creativity, but introduced me to a whole new world of gaming. Manic Miner has never been equalled. I still miss the 20 minute wait until the cassette loaded. Of course everyone had the lava lamp and Brut deoderant unless you were posh and had old spice too. Then there were the posters. Everyone had em didn't they? I'me not talking about the Bay City Rollers here! Im talking some classic posters that maybe weren't even classic at the time. I was influenced by my younger Brother (OK Older) who i nicked the posters off and who introduced me to something called 'The Guitar' A Cream telecaster was the first handed down. Always loved that and despite always promising myself i would get another one

day i never did. One pivotal moment in 1980 was the Futurama festival in Leeds. My mate Dave and i went both days where Echo & the Bunneymen were playing along with the likes of U2, Altered Images, to name a few. This was before the big farm and field festivals had become the norm. One thing that carries memories is Kendray Fields. We had a hole cut in the fence at the bottom of our garden. You could work through the bushes and through the fence to get to the field. Many legends were created including Stanley who rolled down the hills all in one go in a tractor tyre which by the third hill was bouncing about 30ft high with him still in it. The fights between the Bank Enders and Kendriers across the fields, motorbike rides and local football matches all took place as well as the annual travelling church tent !! I didn't read a lot but there were some things that stick in my mind today from that era. As well as the Guinness book of records and The Beano annual i loved Jack Kerouac. In addition,

when it came to magazines i was a 'Sounds' man despite New Musical Express and Melody Maker being the hip music papers. Ill never forget hearing about Malcolm Owen of the Ruts untimely death in 1980 not long after Ian Curtis. Not many superstar deaths had effected me at that point other than Elvis.


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