• Neil Ritchie

New Single: Loneliness

High Rise Finale release a new single called, Loneliness, their 2nd single on the 13th February. A stark and deep look at a topical subject common in todays society. Lead Singer Matt Bailey takes particular pride in the lyrics he wrote claiming them to be amongst the best he has ever written. Loneliness is a complex subject and whilst not directly a mental illness, it can have an adverse effect on peoples mental health. However being alone may be by choice and can often be what some people desire. Being alone and loneliness can be poles apart. The new single however focus' on the loneliness experienced as life moves on and how older people suffer as we lose loved ones once close. A melancholic yet dark look at an almost inevitable topic in todays modern society, played out in a sparse electronic soundtrack. The song was produced at Ace Things Studio and is released with a cover designed by M.Barbieri, Miami and Mastered at Precise Mastering, London.


© 2017 by Digital Saxon for Ace Things Production Studio.