• Neil Ritchie

Solid Front Radio

Firstly we owe a big thank you to Simon at Solid Front Radio who have supported our artists from Ace Things. With great support for the debut 'Delusions of Grandeur' LP from The Salient Braves and more recently to the new High Rise Finale project and especially the 'My Left Hand Column' EP. Secondly i will apologise upfront for my excessive use of parenthesis in this article (or brackets to us less educated (thick)) to illustrate (paint a picture of) my points. The show featured on Thursday evenings is not just a brilliant showcase to local and emerging talent though. If Simons's centreline is influenced by Mod, Ska and classic Soul, you will hear genres such as Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk, New Wave, Electronic to the left and right of centre. Often all in the same show. But does it work i hear you ask? Damn right it does. A good 2-3 hours occasionally 4, sometimes 5 hours of great music and good solid debate on all things (and all things music). Its brought what Grandstand did to be for TV sport on a Saturday afternoon to radio..... but just for music..... on a Thursday (the new Friday!) ...... oh and via the internet radio variety. So yes it works. This isn't at all like the cold buffet parties where the Salt & Vinegar crisps (chips for the stateside readers) are mixed in with the Cheese and Onion (you don't know till you try em). The show often has a theme, whether its the (remarkably successful) instrumentals or First track Side One edition, they all seem to work. Simon has found some magic that works in harmony with 6 pack of The Old Speckled Hen (i remember the Watneys Party 7) . He brings Vinyl, Streams, Digital, CD's back to life and we cannot recommend a listen highly enough. So give it a listen, either live on Thursday nights at 8pm or as a recorded stream from Fridays onwards. I have to go now and figure what the guilty pleasures tracks are that i would recommend for this weeks show (Mariah Carey is off limits). Follow Solid Front Radio here and Listen on Mixlr


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