• Simon Ibbotson

Part 2: I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

Musical life was about to take a massive leap forward. Mr Macbeth was our neighbour. He donated a record player to my sister and I. Well, I say a record player, it was more like a sideboard with two sliding doors on the front, and when opened, there it was. I can see it now. The big radio "dial" with massive Bakelite knobs. This odd light brown colour (i guess it'd be called coffee now) of the actual turntable and the spindle and arm. A space either side to store your lps. Ah, the lps. It came with some of those too. Top Of The Pops compilation things, with scantily clad females on the covers and vague reworking of the "latest" hits sung by uncredited artists that 100% were NOT the original acts. I have a very clear memory of "Knock Three Times" being one of the songs. Not sure why i remember that in particular. It sat in the hall for a couple of weeks, both of us frustrated that we couldn't use it. Needed a plug you see. So one Saturday while the parental unit were out I decided to "fit" a plug. How hard can it be? Three wires. Three prongs. What could go wrong? I suppose almost electrocuting your older sister is pretty bad. Serves her right for telling me a couple of weeks previous "see what happens if you put your tongue on the power cable of your tape recorder while it's plugged in, it'll only be like when you put it on a battery". Anyway, the parental unit return home to a very distraught sister, and me not willing to come out of my room or anywhere within arms length of the mad, crazed female. The plug was fitted correctly, thanks were given that the house wasn't a charred shell and the behemoth of a thing was moved from the hall, INTO MY SISTERS ROOM! I suppose that is what three years seniority gets you!

Within no time at all, her collection started to grow. Bay City Rollers were her main thing. She had the scarf, badges, books, sorry... ANNUALS and the singles. Oh boy did she have the singles. And what with the arm of the record player placed carefully to one side, she’d discovered that the single playing would repeat, and repeat. On and on and on. We all sang Shang A Lang.

Things could only get better, and they would.

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