• Simon Ibbotson

Part 1: Remember How We Started

I don't remember when i first "discovered" music, it always seemed to be there. The 8 track player in my dads car (Sgt Peppers on repeat. Wonder if he still has it?) Radio 2 on most days. Diddy David Hamilton through the week, then during Sunday dinners, The Grumbleweeds or Baron Knights, followed by Jimmy Saville (who knew?). Always finding it funny that he gave out points for the "open bracket - closed brackets", or my dad's Kenny Rodgers/Brighouse and Rastrik Brass Band/Shadows lps, or my mum's Carpenters or Johnny Mathis greatest hits. But it was always there, in the background.POPCORN BEING PLAYED OVER THE BBC TEST CARD (yes, TV wasn't 24/7 then kids!)Now i am, not sure what came first, i know for Christmas 1976 myself and my sister were bought a tape recorder each. I remember Christmas day, both of us in the front room at my nana and granddad's cassette in, microphone stretched and pointed towards the telly, recording Elton John & Kiki Dee, Leo Sayer, and more strut their stuff on Top Of The Pops.Around that time we were also given little Binatone radios. Mine red, hers white. Tiny little things. A volume control and a tuning control. And it had an earpiece. I could put it under my pillow and listen to it when i was supposed to be asleep. Radio 1. John Peel. I know everyone says they used to listen to him, but it is true. At junior school i was made a "record monitor". A highly coveted job in the fourth year, which solely consisted of myself and another pupil wheeling the turntable into the assembly hall, getting out the "Tacticos and His Greek Bazukas: Music Of The Greek Islands" album and playing the first of the only two permitted tracks whilst everyone was filing in. We then sat quietly until Mr Heald gave us the nod and we put the other track on while folks piled out. Now it was a stroke of genius this, as it was that classic "gets slowly faster as it goes on" one that meant the kids got faster and there were no stragglers! It inspired me to ask my mum to buy me the actual cassette. Which (unbelievable as it seems now) Woolworths stocked! It sat proudly alongside my two Showaddywaddy Greatest Hits tapes and my Gary Glitter one (who knew?).....

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