• Neil Ritchie

Delusions of Grandeur by The Salient Braves

The Long awaited (well only 20 years) album by The Salient Braves has finally hit the stores. The 10 track LP released on Vinyl is available on Broken Down Records and is accompanied by a download code for digital versions of the tracks. The gritty and down to earth lyrics make this 80's indie style album one to keep going back to. Described in a HepkattFM review as a stark example of northern existence which 'int' too far off the mark. Although I'm sure the tracks will appeal to people from the south as well as everyone around the world! Track list: 1. Somewhere Sordid, 2. Guilty Until Proven Innocent, 3. Bangkok, 4.My Alter Ego, 5. Goodbye Goodbye, 6. The Absurdity Of It All, 7.The Great Unwashed, 8. Fruit Machines Lost Me My Friends, 9. They Must Have Seen Me Coming 10. Evening All (Satchmo's Song). Described as Barnsley's best kept indie secret the album is available from the fantastic Vinyl Underground.


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