High Rise Finale

 In June 2015 Neil Ritchie and Matt Bailey combined their talents along with angelic vocalist Dani, to create “High Rise Finale’. Drawing from inspiration of 80’s electronic traditions, todays synth pop and adding modern, socially observant lyrics the band are set to realise their first EP in 2017. Their aim was to develop a classic electronic sound but with lyrics that paint a picture of some of the deeper and broodier side of society and the modern world we live in.    


"My mission: peace. My vehicles: my word, my conviction, my sound." Maybe mysterious and maybe illusive, but theres no getting away from the music of M.Barbieri. Her unique sound is the culmination of internal instincts backed by her obvious musical inspiration from genres far and wide. Weaving subtle acoustic guitars with the infusion of an occasional Jazz melody alongside airy electronic rhythms clearly places the M signature on her infectious music... 

The Salient Braves

It seems like The Salient Braves have been around forever but while transcending the years in different guises, they have remained true to their indie 80's roots and have tweaked rather than changes that traditional sound that has become synonymous with their name. The band is essentially led by singer and lyricist Matt Bailey who as a jack of all trades and master of most. Look out for the 2017 debut album 'Delusions of Grandeur'


Anthony Machin is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and studio owner who decided at the end of 2010 to join forces with Tony Williams to start his own band.  

The band has undergone many changes and an evolving musical career ensued. A pivotal point in the bands history was the making of Self Made Man.



The tetraneutron is a theoretical particle which if ever discovered would require a complete rethinking of what we think we know about physics. Tetraneutron have no such ambitions to destroy the world of music, but would have no problem were that to happen. Beatmaker Pete McGarry underpins the words of poet John Dobson to create their sound. It's dub beats with social commentary.. 

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