"Every Artist Was Once An Amateur"
I guess thats true, and in a world where we never stop developing our knowledge, we could argue that we all remain amateurs.

The late 70's was an inspirational era. From the early Postcard Label halcyon days through the UK punk era and onwards through the 80's into new wave, electronic music and where indie pop became fashionable. Constantly changing genres that had our garage band, Dornier 32 struggling to keep up. My career ran outside of the music business and in 2006 i revisited the revolutionised music production world and later studied Production, Mixing & Mastering with Point Blank Music School. Today  the ability to produce from almost anywhere with creativity at all levels achievable from the studio, to the bedroom to the plane to the train. Ace Things Production Studio covers a diverse series of genres from Indie, Alternative, Pop through Electronic, EDM to Experimental, Soundtracks, TV & Film. Enjoy !

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